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Order processing

Order Placement:

All relevant test data (test item, test type, contact) have to be submitted in the interest of a fast and unproblematic order process.

It relieves an easier and quick handling procedure to avoid additional costs.

Testing with no standardized methods:
It also can be tested according to other methods or company-specific standards.

Scope of services:

The Prices are given in EUR. All prices are including the value added tax. Other expertise will be charged to our current hourly rates for personnel. There is an extra charge of 50% for urgent orders or accelerated services. The price already includes costs for producing a report etc. There are no additional costs.

Order settlement according to expenditure:

The test price will be added with the hour rate of the personnel if there is any additional work based on the problem. The same is valid for unforeseen work. We will not work without any permission of the client if such a case occurs.


The results of the tests are sent as a written report to the client. The results are only valid for the investigated samples. In cases of urgency the results can be transmitted by fax or e-mail.

Return delivery of the test material:

There is no general return of the test material. The test materials are kept for three month after sending of the report to the client. The material will return to the client after placing an explicit request.