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Inspection types

The market is characterized by fast pace and an enormous change in needs and requirements.
In order to meet the needs of this change and to be able to offer the quality of the goods at a consistently high level, meticulous inspections of the goods are essential.
We offer a variety of different inspections.

Quality control is one of the most important pillars of an inspection.
We will check your textiles, shoes, consumer goods and toys for you quickly, easily and reliably on-site.

- Inline Inspection

The inline inspection is characterized by the early stage of implementation. Production is around 10-15% and has therefore just started. The inspection will depict the entire manufacturing process from the raw materials to the finished product. Special attention is paid to the dimensions of the articles, as well as the quality and compliance with all specifications. In this way it is possible to identify and correct mistakes.

Close contact with the manufacturer is essential in order to improve processes and solve problems right at the root. Solutions are also developed as a improvement and long-term implementation, from which future productions can also take a significant benefit .

- Final Random Inspection

The final random inspection or FRI is carried out at a production level of 100% and is used for the final inspection of the goods.
The article is checked from the composition to the packaging.
Other important points are the checking of the dimensions and fitting, packaging of the item (hangtags, care labels, banderoles, barcode, etc.), checking of the packaging (labeling and other requirements), quality of the item, checking for mistakes (in accordance with current AQL standards ISO 2859-1 and ANSI/ASQ Z1.4-2003 or specific customer requirements) and compliance with all given specifications. The selection of the samples which will be checked is absolutely random.

- Loading Check

The loading control is suitable for complete or partial loads. The inspectors check the cartons, the container, the loading process and finally close the container securely.

It is mendetory that an inspector is present during the entire loading process.
It is therefore ensured that the customer specifications can be met exactly. The level of the control includes the condition of the container and its meticulous examination as well as a photo documentation, carton checkings (carton markings), loading process monitoring, locking the container and securing it with a seal.