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As a part of the usability review of umbrellas, the following points were fully tested.

Tests Test method
Sharp edges and corners Labtech PA-169 (07/2018)
Shearing and squeezing points Labtech PA-169 (07/2018)
Closed Umbrella
Resistance against pressure force Labtech PA-169 (07/2018)
Tensile strength at the tips and on the handle DIN EN ISO 13934-1 (08/2013)
Handling or ergonomic design Labtech PA-169 (07/2018)
Opening mechanism of the umbrella
Closing force of the end position Labtech PA-169 (07/2018)
Corrosion on the metal components DTB Specification
Water repellent characteristics  
Rain test following Bundesmann DIN EN 29865 (11/1993)
Water column      DIN EN 20811 (ISO 811) (08/1992)
Frame mechanism
Design of the frame Labtech PA-169 (07/2018)
Connection of the frame Labtech PA-169 (07/2018)
Force of joint Labtech PA-169 (07/2018)
Tear-off force of the protection caps from the end of the rod Labtech PA-169 (07/2018)
Opening mechanism Labtech PA-169 (07/2018)
Wind resistance
Labtech PA-169 (07/2018)
Harmful substance
Regulation (EG) No. 1907/2006 (REACH)
Labeling according to product safety Act ProdSG of 08. Nov. 2011
Colour fastness  
Fastness to perspiration & saliva DIN 53160-1/2
Tearing force of small parts    DIN EN/TR 16792