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Inspection accreditation

Our inspections are carried out according to the highest standards with the best trained employees in Germany and the EU as well as in Asia.

In order to meet the high standards and customer requirements in Asia as well, our laboratory and inspection center in Bangladesh is accredited by the NABCB (National Accredtitation Board for Certification Bodies) according to ISO/IEC 17020: 2012.

The NABCB accredited us with the highest standard ISO/IEC 17020:2012 the Type A Inspection Body.

This qualified us to offer our customers inspections according to the best global standards.
These standards includes the AQL standards ISO 2859-1:1999 and ANSI/ASQ Z1.4-2003 (R2018)

Impartiality Policy of Labtech LTD (inspection division)

1. The employee of the Division is free from any commercial, financial and other pressures, which might affect their judgment to the inspection results. It is to ensure that persons or organizations external to the Division cannot influence the inspection result.

2. The Division may provide any related or past inspection record to the inspector for reference before inspection.

3. The Senior Staff or Technical Manager always assigns different inspectors to a single factory so as to avoid build-up of any relationship between the factory and inspectors.

4. To avoid impartially risk, each inspector required to fill up a letter of self-declaration of impartiality to avoid any biasness due to inspector’s relationship with factory or suppliers. Inspectors need to inform division as well as update the letter of self-declaration form by him if any new relationship identified. 

5. Only the Technical Manager & Managing Director is authorized to review and make corrections to the inspection results with proper justification.

6. Those corrections are made by version updated, if Technical Manager need change any thing in the report, new version  will generate automatically, previous version also will available in the App.  if Managing Director need change anything in the report, new version  will generate automatically, previous version also will available in the App. 

7. In case of major changes in conclusion of the inspection results, the senior staff or above inform the inspector concerned right with sufficient explanation and they are authorized to correct the data. All such alteration will be signed or initialed by making the correction. Managing Director will send the report to client ‘’version ’’. if any complaint come from client for that change, management will investigate that, change comes from which person, and why? This person will take the responsibility and Management will take the action as per company policy.       

8. All the personnel have signed a Code of Conduct and zero tolerance agreement with the Management which can be a cause of impartiality risk.

9. The inspector let the factory to sign a Labtech Factory & Integrity Acknowledgment refer to Compliance procedure before inspection in order to prevent any negative influence from the factory.

10. All employees in the division are not allowed to accept any kinds of gift, bribery and benefits. In general, they are not allowed to take free meal or transportation as well. And this will be fill up by the factory respective person, in Labtech Factory & Integrity Acknowledgment.

11. If any integrity issue raised or suspected for any employee of the division will refer to the country compliance Manger/officer for investigation.